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boat, river

March 2016



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Look who's back, back again...

Not really back, but I had a resurgence in interest in the MBTI tests and I remembered placing the infographs on my profile page here on LiveJournal.

Not that I didn't have some really nice times on here... and some not so nice ones... but, you understand, Facebook.

Back to the point! I've retested in my old age *cough34cough* and was curious to the mental state I was in backnin my early twenties. Yeah, a decade ago. The mind boggles. So it seems I was more feeling anf lovely dovey back then. I was an INFP, a perfectionist, a creative soul who wanted to contribute to her world. Now? Now I'm more cynical, and lazy, still trying to be a perfectionist but more apathetic about the whole situation. I test as an INTx. Why is that last letter blank? Because I'm a P or a J, pretty much down the middle. I think I side harder with INTP because I find myself having inward conversation (introveted thinking) more than introverted intuition. My enneagram number has changed as well. Before I was a 2w1, but now I am a 5w4.

I think I owe most of my changes to leaving my immediate family behind and moving on with my life. I don't have the urge to behave in a timid way. Again, I am most apathetic in my approach to life. I am still creative, I still enjoy writing as well as scrapbooking, and working with polymer clay. I'm still messy, but it's gotten a lot better.

Just some thoughts I wanted to gwt out of my mind, but didn't really have anyone to talk to about. I'm glad you're still here LiveJournal.